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Are you on a spiritual journey? How would you know? Possibly; Are you seeing repeating number patterns e.g. 11:11? Have you had an N.D.E. (near death experience). Do you think of someone and out of the blue they call you? Do you feel energy? Are you noticing synchronistic patterns in life? Do you feel like you’re stuck in the matrix? Are you sure there is more to life but aren’t quite sure where to begin. Well if you’re experiencing any or even all of these you came to the right place.

I’m going to list some Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced books that will help guide you Spiritual Books For Enlightenmenton your spiritual path to enlightenment and hopefully help you find your true self in the process. The books I’m listing are widely accepted by most masters/adepts/sages/gurus across the world. The knowledge contained within these books transcend time and the normal boundaries of religion, geography, politics, and language. They are neither religious or political in nature.

Although it is perfectly ok for a person who is starting out on their spiritual journey to read a more advanced book on this list it is recommended that you also read books on your stage so you may gain perspective, terminology, and the philosophy for a good foundation before moving on to the advanced stuff. But if you feel drawn or hear some type of calling towards any book on any list, I highly recommend you check it out regardless of what stage you feel you are on you quest for spiritual enlightenment.

How do you know what stage you are at? 

Beginner – Maybe you are unsure of spiritual terminology, like aura, light, law of attraction, namaste, Beginner Spiritualityfrequency, vibration, universe, meditation, etc… they may baffle you or rub you the wrong way. Still trying to gain understanding why weird things are happening in your life. Might not even believe in spirituality but are curious. These books are not children’s books they are just as powerful as those on the lower list but are written using stories, words, and terminology that we can all understand.

Intermediate – 

Adept –

Master –




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